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Phone Tech Support is a third-party service provider organization of online tech-support service. This serves you through remote tech-assistance, over a call and online chat as well. We provide support for software, hardware along with peripherals. Any connection, affiliation, endorsement or support is not claimed from our end of or purchase of any other third-party brand whatsoever, until and unless the existence or role of this type of brand in deliberately specified. The used logos and brand names on our websites are available only with the purpose of indicatory. Hence, with regard to the knowledgeable property right of any of the used trademarks/brands; we are not legally responsible to bear the obligation. Whosoever is using the content of websites are independently responsible to experience all the risks related to it. The concerned person will be taking full responsibility for any type of loss or risk involved with it.

We own the copyright of the contents of the website, such as site logo, multimedia files, graphics, or written copies. Further, these are not allowable to anyone using as copying wholly or partially without the owner permission.

Each and every information and content present on the website are on an “as it stands” and “as available” basis. Phone Tech Support rejects all the warranties or references, stated or enclosed. These include but not restricted to warranties of merchantability, appropriateness for a specific use or reason. Misconduct in operation or accessibility of our website on a timely, nonstop secured or without any type of error.

Disclamer : Phone Tech Support is an independent third party online PC support service provider for all Computer, Devices, Softwares & Peripheral related issues, and it categorically proclaims that the company doesn’t own any of the brands it supports. The services offered by Phone Tech Support may also be available on the website of the brand owners. Phone Tech Support hereby disclaims any sponsorship, partnership, affiliation or endorsement regarding any such third party trademarks and brand names and also proclaims that the use of such terms including third party trademarks and brand names by Phone Tech Support is only referential in nature and it essentially doesn’t imply any business related association and partnership.